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Saturn sextile Venus

Correcting imbalances

Kelli Fox

You'll be very practical about love during this transit. You're perfectly willing to meet someone halfway, but you're not going to bend over backwards to meet their needs if they seem selfish to you, as if they're not going to meet yours in return. You've got a realistic perspective at this time: You know that there's plenty of fish in the sea, so you don't need to waste time on anyone who's not going to hold up their end of the relationship.

Thank goodness! While that's not the most romantic perspective, it's actually a very healthy and useful one. Any relationship that buds during this period and sticks is likely to last awhile, because you've got a good head on your shoulders now for finding someone that's good for you and to you. You're not looking for perfection, either; you know that relationships take work and dedication from both partners. If problems come up with that special someone, you're perfectly willing to talk things out in a reasonable way and see if you can figure out how to fix it. But again, you're all about fairness and meeting each other halfway. If you sense an imbalance, you'll act fast to right it.

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