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Saturn sextile Sun

Reaping results

Kelli Fox

In your daily life, things should run along well for these several months. You're feeling good in your work and at home, and your admirers will notice your calm self-confidence, your dedication and your hard work. After all, dating is supposed to be fun and flirty, but it's also great to impress people with your serious side -- the side of you that gets things done, that works hard to make your life a success, however you define it.

That's just what's going on during this period. You'll shine at work, and the confidence and good feelings will brim over into your dating life. If there's someone who's caught your eye, you'll reach out to them, but you'll probably take it slow and steady -- and that's a good thing. You're not in a space to get swept off your feet right now, which is just fine; take the time to get to know someone new, and you'll make your love affair as much of a success as your career is becoming. If you take things one step at a time, you'll notice that good things come your way, seemingly effortlessly. It's not without trying; it's just that you're putting in the effort and reaping the results.

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