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Saturn sextile Saturn

Achieving your goals

Kelli Fox

You've settled into your job; you've got your finances reasonably in order; and during this transit, you've got the chance to enjoy the gains and strides you've made in both your personal life and your career. You're still focused on your goals, and that's a good thing; you're moving forward in your life with determination and energy. You can also focus on personal goals now, like finding the love you've been looking for.

You're especially in touch during this ten-month transit with who you are as an individual, which means you're able to connect with someone special on a unique level. You won't feel the need to go out on dates and boast about yourself and your accomplishments; instead you'll just be naturally yourself, and your calm confidence will definitely impress your potential sweetie. You won't be intimidated by dating someone who seems smarter than you, or turned off by someone who seems beneath you in any way. You're just calm and centered now, and that's a great place from which to make a connection with someone special.

Saturn sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn sextile Saturn in the Transit Chart

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  1. June Rono on January 9, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I am settled into a job I like, but currently am only getting 12 hrs a week. I can’t pay my bills or the house payment, and am very stressed. After 63 years I have finally found the man I could be happy with, but he lives 10 hrs away. He is a trucker, still working at 70 yrs to take care of some personal business. It’s going to be tough to even see each other, let alone be together for any extended time. We talk on the phone several times a day, but it’s hard to not feel I’m still losing time I want to be WITH HIM. I really hope you can offer some hope/advice. He’s a good man that made a stupid mistake. How can we make this work? Thank U

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