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Saturn sextile Neptune

Finding a mate for your soul

Kelli Fox
Saturn sextile Neptune

This ten-month transit is a wonderful time to find love, because it represents an easy marriage between your real life and your spiritual ideals. Ideally, you'd love to make a long-lasting connection with that special someone, a bond that exists beyond the mere physical, emotional or intellectual realms. You want to fall in love with someone heart and soul, and connect on that deep, profound, ephemeral level of the spirit.

That's very possible during this period, when you can make your dreams come true. You won't fall giddily in love at this time; instead, the connections you make will be sober and heartfelt. If you're swept off your feet, it will be in a way that resonates deeply in your soul. You won't be hasty in pursuing that love that you seek. You're much more likely to hold back from dating altogether than you are to confuse yourself with silly illusions about someone who's just not right for you. But don't hold back; if there's someone who really catches your eye in a big way, make contact with them. Get to know them in the thorough, penetrating way that this time demands. Open your spirit to the possibility of real love.

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  1. Sherry on February 12, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    I have been divorced for 14 years and still haven’t found anyone for me. I have been working
    at a full time all of this time. and I am retired at this time. I would love to someone in my life. I am a smart lady, attractive, fun, sensitive and kind.
    I don’t know why I can’t find someone?

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