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Saturn sextile Mercury

Serious about love

Kelli Fox

You're in a serious mood, and sometimes that can be a good thing in the game of love. After all, you want to go on some fun dates with that cutie pie you've got your eye on, but you also want to know -- Is this person the one for me? Can we make it work in the long term?

Those are the types of questions you'll be asking yourself during this ten-month transit. You're more interested now in making a real connection than in wasting an evening with empty chitchat and silly flirtation, so you'll cut right through the banter and the b.s. when you're out with someone new. Your straight-to-it method will probably have good results. This is a great time for focusing on something, or someone, that you really want in your life. The only worry here is that you might be a little more narrow-minded than usual, so try not to rule out anyone just because they don't seem like your normal type, or to be overly critical of your date's flaws. Beyond that word of caution, this should be a good period for you, one in which you'll take significant strides toward finding a love that's going to last.

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