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Saturn opposite Uranus

Uniqueness mixed with security

Kelli Fox

You might wish your love life would move along predictable tracks, always going seamlessly from point A to B to C; but life isn't predictable, and that's what this transit is going to teach you. How easy or difficult a lesson this will be for you to learn is up to you -- it's all in how you handle the curve balls this ten-month period throws your way. Someone new and special might sweep you off your feet, or a new flirtation that you've really been enjoying could end suddenly.

You'll get irritated and rebel against anyone who tries to tell you what to do or how to act, so let's hope your dates are with people who aren't too critical or opinionated! And if you've been getting to know someone in a way that's dull or just overly routine, don't be surprised when the relationship gets shaken up -- or ends completely. The changes that this period will bring about will surprise you at the very least, and could make you feel very uneasy. At the end of this period you might feel as if all you want is a little stability, even a relationship that's comfortingly dull; but try to remember that change is good. It's up to you to figure out how to mix uniqueness with comfort and security.

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