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Saturn opposite Sun

A crisis of confidence

Kelli Fox

Feeling confident and successful will be a real challenge during this period, because your energies are low and the stars are aligned to suggest that you feel thwarted at all turns. You could feel as if every effort you put out is rejected and every plan refuted. At work and at home, you'll feel as if you're struggling to make good things happen, and you might focus a lot more on the negatives than the positives.

Needless to say, any feelings of self-doubt or pessimism will easily spill over into your love life, making it hard to make a natural, easy and fun connection with someone, even someone who seems really special and appealing. You're just not in the right head space to let loose on a date. Depending on how personally you take the energy of this transit, you might even think your date is challenging you just like everyone else is, even when they're just offering their own opinion on a subject! The several months this transit lasts would be a long time to go without any dating or flirting at all, so don't feel as if you should sit back and wait until this troublesome energy passes to reach out to that special someone; just don't be surprised if things don't go as you would wish.

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