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Saturn opposite Saturn

A hard lesson

Kelli Fox

If you haven't been on the right path in your love life during the past few years, this could be a difficult ten-month transit for you. Bad choices you may have made in the past will come up again now, either as regrets or as insecurities that date back to that old, bad relationship. This period calls on you to make positive changes in your life, changes that will have long-lasting effects, but it's not going to be made easy for you.

Any area of your life that is presenting major difficulties -- not just your love life -- will indicate that a major overhaul is needed. So how can you overhaul your love life? Take some time, either alone with a journal or with a trusted friend, to look over your past relationships. Have they been good for you? Have you chosen to date people who treated you well, who made you feel good about yourself? If not, now's the time to start looking for a new kind of love. You deserve to be treated right and to have everything you've ever dreamed of, but the only person who's going to make it happen is you. So now's the time to start. This way, if you make the changes you need to make, you can look back on this difficult period with pride.

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