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Saturn opposite Neptune

Accepting reality

Kelli Fox

There's two ways this transit can go; let's hope you choose the easier one! Let's start with the more difficult manifestation of this energy. You might fall into self-doubt during this ten-month period; you'll start to realize that all your ideals in love are either unattainable or ephemeral at best, and that fact could depress you.

A budding relationship could end and you won't know why; a flirtation that seemed promising could suddenly fizzle, and you'll be left wondering what you did wrong. Most likely, the only thing you did wrong was misreading the signals. You're not one for details at this time, so you could completely misinterpret the cues someone's sending your way, and end up thinking there's more between you than there really is. But small setbacks like this in romance are just a fact of life; and the truth is, each little failure of a relationship takes you one step closer to the one that's going to last. If you can accept that your fantasy of the perfect love doesn't match up with cold, hard reality, you can actually turn this transit into a time of personal, spiritual growth -- and you might end up making a deep and meaningful connection with someone as a result.

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