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Saturn opposite Mars

The wrong impression

Kelli Fox

You'll feel frustrated during this transit, which lasts the better part of the year. The length of this period is unfortunate, because its energy can put you in a very difficult head space -- you're irritable, touchy, and you might not even know the proper focus for your anger, much less a good outlet for it. If you get to know someone new during this time, they might get the wrong impression of you, thinking that you're a contrary or even aggressive type instead of your normal, good-natured self.

But your good-natured side isn't in residence at this time! Instead, it's the frazzled you, the part of you that doesn't know how to deal with setbacks and opposition. You might have trouble at work with your boss, or at home with your parents or someone else that you have to show respect to; and the tension that trouble generates will affect the rest of your life, including your love life, like ripples in a pond moving outward from a tossed stone. It really might be best to take time off from dating, even though this period lasts so long, unless there are other concurrent transits that can help to soften you up and give you a better perspective on things.

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