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Saturn opposite Jupiter

Too many restrictions

Kelli Fox

Restlessness and unease will be prominent for you during this ten-month transit. You might have money troubles, which will make it hard to go out and have a great time with someone special; you'll be worrying the whole time about all the charges you're racking up. You also might get involved with someone new and then feel rebellious about the restrictions of being in a new relationship.

Acting on your feelings would be a bad idea; you'll only end up hurting someone that you might have grown to really care about. On the other hand, you'll feel so rebellious and restless that you'll have a hard time not acting on it. You could also feel unnecessarily called out for your flaws and mistakes; for example, a date could pick up on your restlessness and actually mention it to you, which will put you on the defense and make you want to run away even more. Even though run-ins like this will be unpleasant on both sides, they're most likely for the best. Similarly, if a flirtation or budding relationship ends during this period, it may hurt, but odds are it's a good thing in the long run.

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