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Saturn opposite Juno

Don't push it

Kelli Fox

No matter what you do or say, no matter who you go out with during this ten-month transit, it will seem like you just can't find the serious, stable, committed connection you're looking for. You'd even settle for something short of a commitment -- just the promise of one in the future would make you happy. But you'll keep going out with people who turn out to be interested in a casual, fun flirtation.

Is it them, or is it you? Maybe you're looking for love in all the wrong places, or maybe it's just not your time to settle down and get serious. If you're trying to push a commitment prematurely, that in itself could cause a relationship to end that would've become something really special, given time and patience. You would do much better to sit back and let things develop organically, even though that will be very hard to do. The urgency of time is upon you; you've been waiting and wishing all this time for something real and lasting, and why can't it just go ahead and happen, already? Well, you've still got a few things to learn about love and relationships, grasshopper! Try to take in the lessons of this period. Love will come.

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