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Saturn conjunct Venus

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Kelli Fox

This period is all about weeding out the good bets from the bad ones in your love life. You might have a few fun flirtations going on at once, but this transit encourages you to focus, to narrow things down to only what and who is most important. That means that any relationships or casual flirtations that aren't really going anywhere will probably fall by the wayside at this time, because you just no longer have the time for them.

Now, this is ultimately a good thing -- it's always a good idea to make more room in your life for the most important people and pursuits. But in the moment, when you're saying goodbye to someone that once seemed full of promise and potential to you, it'll probably hurt, at least a little. You might feel lonely, as if no one wants you and nothing will ever pan out for you in love. But that's not true! That's just the way you're looking at it. Later, when this somewhat challenging energy has passed, you'll look back at this period and realize that there were good reasons behind certain relationships changing or ending. You'll be in a better place when it's all over, as long as you don't fight the changes.

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