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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Throwing off restrictions

Kelli Fox

Someone could enter your life at this time who seems to block your every forward move. They'll try to solidify and commit, testing what you think you know about freedom love and dating. Unless you're open to the restriction of your spontaneity, this won't be a fun, relaxing experience for you.

Alternatively, instead of dating someone who upsets the apple cart of your life, you might be the one with the urge to make sudden switcheroos. Some situation in your life is no longer feeling tenable, and during this ten-month transit, you're challenged to change things despite opposition -- but to do it in a way that doesn't disrupt your entire life. If you've been getting to know someone new, you might suddenly decide that the relationship isn't worth your time and attention, and break it off, without regard to your once-special someone's feelings. Or, the changes could come from outside -- that cute, hot and exciting person in your life could suddenly drop out of sight, leaving you hurt and bewildered and wondering what went wrong. It's probably not that you did anything, but more that the relationship was too restrictive of one or both of you. Though they may be difficult to handle, any changes that occur during this transit are, in the long run, probably good ones.

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