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Saturn conjunct Pluto

An intense relationship

Kelli Fox

Cautioning you to stay casual in your romantic relationships during this ten-month transit might be wasted advice, because you'll be drawn into intense situations regardless. Things will seem to spin out of your control, and you'll have a hard time figuring out where to even start bringing a relationship back into some kind of normal state. A budding flirtation could suddenly turn into a major commitment, complete with manipulative, intense emotions and mood swings.

That's right -- this period is all about intensity, possessiveness, control and restriction of your freedoms. You could get involved with someone and think you've finally found it -- the perfect love you've been looking for -- only to find that it's of the all-consuming variety, which really isn't any fun, no matter what love songs and romance novels might tell you. After all, you want to have a certain amount of privacy and freedom even in your most personal relationships. But any relationship you enter into during this time probably won't leave much room for you as an individual; instead, it will consume you, and you'll be obsessive, emotional and just not yourself.

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