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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Time for a reality check

Kelli Fox
Saturn conjunct Neptune

You could come to a deeper spiritual understanding at this time of love and life in general, but it's more likely that this ten-month transit will be a time of confusion and even insecurity for you in love. Your ideals about what you're looking for in a relationship are running high and strong, but you'll be faced with the reality check that perfection in love is impossible. The most you can hope for is fleeting moments of ecstasy, and even that's asking a lot.

Why does that have to be a bad thing? If you ask yourself that question during this period and think deeply about it, you can make that spiritual awakening happen. If you just live within your state of confusion about love, you'll just go through this period feeling down and dejected. Any romantic setbacks you may experience -- a flirtation fizzling out, or that special someone suddenly seeming not so special after all -- will be experienced as major bumps in the road, even if they're not a big deal. If you can break through to that higher understanding, great things could happen -- even true love with someone who's every bit as special as you suspect they are.

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