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Saturn conjunct Mercury

Seeking perfection

Kelli Fox

Everyone wants to find their version of the perfect love, but perfection isn't actually attainable, not really. Even so, during the months of this transit, you'll go out of your way to find it, which could have a difficult effect on your dating life. You could be very critical, both of yourself and of whoever it is that has caught your eye.

Even if they're attractive and seem perfectly eligible to be your lover, you'll still find something about them that falls short of your own version of The One. Know why? Because The One exists only in your mind. You made up your own ideal lover, so no one in real life is ever going to live up to that. Usually that's okay, but during this particular transit, you're going to pursue the ideal even if it means making things hard on yourself and your date. You may find your foot in your mouth more often than usual, stumbling on words that usually flow easily. Not only will you have to deal with stilted communications, you'll also be less likely to take risks during this period, which could be a good thing or a not-so-good one. You might miss out on someone really special because you'll think they're too weird and different from you, so you won't take the time to become truly acquainted with them.

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