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Saturn conjunct Mars

Getting your ducks in a row

Kelli Fox

How well do you deal with discipline and focus? If you can buckle down and focus on the important things in your life during this ten-month transit, you'll have a relatively smooth time of it. But if you rebel against having to get serious, this could be a difficult time for you.

You might feel really irritable throughout this period, which won't make the best impression on someone new and special; they'll think they're just telling you their perspective on something during the natural course of the conversation, but all you'll hear coming out of their mouth is a big challenge, one that demands your response! Or you might feel like the responsibilities of your daily life are so big now that you can't even find time to go out with someone new and make a good connection, which will leave you feeling frustrated and lonely. You don't have to feel those ways. If you can convince yourself not to struggle against the challenging energy of this period, you could really get a lot of work done. Perhaps now is just not the time to be fun and frivolous and romantic. There will be plenty of time for that later, when you've got the rest of your ducks in a row.

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