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Saturn conjunct Juno

Seeking a love you can depend on

Kelli Fox

This transit lasts the better part of a year, which is a good thing; that's a nice, long time for you to get your love ducks in a row. The energy of this period is all about getting serious in your search for a long-term lover. You're in touch now with the qualities that are important to you -- like security, dependability, commitment -- and you won't settle for less.

You may not get swept off your feet, and that's okay; you're more interested in making a durable, lasting connection than in something intense but fleeting. After all, intensity comes in all shapes and sizes, and the kind you're after is a more subtle, lasting breed. You want to forge a real bond with that special someone, and flash and spontaneity can only go so far in your estimations. You'll take a grounded, practical approach to dating, and you'll get to know someone slowly and thoroughly. If a flirtation fizzles into nothing during this period, you won't take it hard, because you'll know it's for the best -- you're that much closer to finding the love you seek. If an involvement does get deeper during this transit, that's a good sign that it's meant to last and could turn into something very significant.

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