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Pluto trine Venus

A powerful love

Kelli Fox

During this two-to-three-year transit, you're likely to experience a love with an emotional and sexual power that you never expected. You'll feel compelled to connect with that special someone, but not in a bad or obsessive way; it will happen in a way that lets you and your sweetie know, this is the real thing. You'll feel that your bond with this person was fated, and perhaps you're right.

At the very least, it will have a wonderful effect on your life, changing you for the better, regardless of how the relationship ends up. You'll just learn so much about yourself in love -- about the gifts you bring to a relationship, and the needs that you have that can be fulfilled by someone else. Love will be a transformative experience for you, as well; if you have an emotional issues that have been holding you back from intimacy, such as low self-esteem or other insecurities, during this period you'll face up to them and let them go, as they're no longer useful in your life. Now you want to connect, deeply and intensely and in a positive way, and you'll make it happen. So keep your eyes open for love, so that you're ready to reach out and grab it once it heads your way!

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