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Pluto trine Uranus

The new and unusual

Kelli Fox

This two-to-three-year transit presents you with the perfect opportunity to get out there and have a great time with someone special! You'll be much more open than usual to new and different people whom you might never have looked at twice, before. Your new motto is, Why not?

You have a taste for the unfamiliar, and you'll feel excited by the prospect of going out with some new and different. This period also highlights doing things in groups, so going out to parties or nightclubs or joining a dance class would be a great way to have fun while meeting new people. Strange and interesting changes could be underfoot during this period, and you'll deal with them better than you normally would; in fact, you'll embrace them -- even the ones that are intimidating in their unexpectedness. If you don't feel like committing to one special person during this time, don't be surprised; your interest will likely lie in getting to know several different people. As long as you're operating on the up and up, you should enjoy yourself. This will be a life-changing period, if not in a dramatic way, at least one that you'll look back on later with pleasure.

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