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Pluto trine Saturn

Going for the gold

Kelli Fox

Anything in your love life that may have become limiting -- an old, outmoded attitude toward love, or an insecurity within yourself -- will be fazed out of your life now, to be replaced by something new and a lot more relevant to who you are today. If you've spent time in the past feeling afraid of love or intimacy because of some negative self-image, now you can let go of that view of yourself, and realize what a wonderful person you are, with gifts of love and intelligence to offer. So focus on your long-term goals in love.

Where do you see yourself in five years, or ten? In love, married, a parent? Whatever it is that you want for yourself, you can begin to make it happen now by setting it as a firm image in your mind, an ideal that you can work toward. If this sounds like a rather clinical, serious approach to love, well, it is. But that's the mindset you're in at this time, and you can use it to maximum effect in your love life, just as you can in your career or any other area of life that's important to you. Setting goals can have wonderful results in love, because it keeps you focused on the end result, encouraging you to take the most direct route to get there.

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