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Pluto trine Neptune

Eyes and heart wide open

Kelli Fox

You'll enter a period of heightened sensitivity with the onset of this two-to-three-year transit. For the most part, it will be the good kind that allows you to get to know someone new and special in a much more intimate way than usual. Your intuition is running strong now and you can read between the lines much more easily than normal, picking up on your potential sweetie's feelings with ease.

If there's anything that's troubling them, such as insecurities regarding love or dating, you'll be able to treat them with the right kind of compassion to help them relax with you. And you're open to discussing almost anything under the sun -- personal, philosophical, spiritual... Clearly, this gift adds to a wonderfully caring, trusting foundation for a long-term relationship, so if other, concurrent transits point in that direction, you could form a really intimate connection during this time. Of course, the level of sensitivity you'll experience could verge toward being oversensitive to rough or crude people that you may encounter. Good thing you've had as much experience as you've had, so you know how to handle it when someone hurts your feelings! And you know how to forgive them for it.

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