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Pluto trine Mercury

A deep and subtle grasp

Kelli Fox

You stand to gain a lot of insight now into your love life, and to make the changes necessary to finding that close connection you've been seeking. Your mind is sharp and attuned to deeper frequencies than usual, and you'll be able to be quite self-reflective. Any romantic issues that have held you back from love in the past are ready to be vanquished now.

You'll have an especially stimulating time talking with that special someone, trading theories and generally getting to know each other. If you make a long-term connection with them, you can feel confident that this person will change your life! Even if you stay casual with your dates during this time, you'll still have a good time, and come through it with a greater understanding of yourself -- of the ways you operate in a romantic relationship, and of your needs in love and your gifts that you can offer to another person. At this time, one of your gifts is an unusual ability to communicate at a deep level. If you're attracted to someone who's normally shy or otherwise reserved, you'll be able to draw them out of their shell with relative ease -- and you'll excite them with your effect on them.

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