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Pluto trine Juno

A deep, deep love

Kelli Fox

Look out for love during this two-to-three-year transit, because now is your chance to really make something significant happen with a very special someone. You're dialed in to what you're looking for in love, and the energy of this transit gives you an extra dose of personal power. Opportunities in love will come your way, and all you have to do is reach out and take hold of them.

And the love that you find will change your life! When this period is over, you'll be an even better, more soulful and loving version of yourself. If you do make a commitment during this time, it will be deep and powerful, not something easily broken or abandoned. Even if you don't find true love, you'll undergo experiences that will transform your vision of true love and help bring you closer to attaining it. You'll gain a greater sense of your own sexual charisma now, and you'll be able to use that as a way to connect with your sweetie at a very deep level. You're not interested in casual encounters at this time, at least not for long; as soon as it becomes apparent that an affair won't go anywhere, you'll move on, because you want that experience of love and intensity that you know is just around the corner.

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