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Pluto square Saturn

Learn from your struggles

Kelli Fox

Are you trying too hard during this period to control the conversation when you're out on a date with someone new? If you feel unnecessarily challenged or misunderstood, it could actually be a sign that you're not listening well enough yourself. This two-to-three-year transit is all about old, not so positive relationship karma coming back to haunt you until you face it down and deal with it.

In what ways have you been rigid or controlling about love in the past? Whatever it is that you visited on your lovers, you can expect it to come back around full-circle now and be visited upon you. A big possibility during this period is that you'll feel forced into a course of action that you really don't want to follow, and you'll feel very tense as a result. If you make a commitment to a lover, for example, even willingly, you could immediately start to feel resentful of the loss of your freedom. This transit serves as a test; its challenging energies are challenging you to step up to the plate and learn something. Any struggles you go through now, romantically or otherwise, will be worth it as long as you learn something from them in the end.

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