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Pluto square Pluto

Changes are afoot

Kelli Fox

While you could experience some intense rushes of emotion toward someone special during this period, they might not be the most pleasant emotions. Changes are afoot in your life; relationships could end abruptly, or your view of your sweetie could shift in a dramatic way. More often than not, your responses to changes will be dramatic as well.

If you enter a stable relationship during this two-to-three-year transit, it will probably be an argumentative connection. You also might be confronted with the fact that you're overly attached to the past. One possibility is that an old flame will reappear in your life in a way that's not welcome or comfortable for you; but another is that your sweetie will try to make changes in your existing relationship, only to be met with intense resistance from you. If they want to leave the relationship, for any reason, they're allowed to do so; don't try to keep them involved with you by force! Doing so would definitely be a mistake you'd regret later. Perhaps they're not trying to leave you, but to make changes in the way you two relate to each other that you'll actually appreciate, once you get used to them.

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