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Pluto square Neptune

The changing of the guard

Kelli Fox

At a subtle but deeply important level, your life is changing. Everything that you used to count on as right and true is shifting, and it could make you feel really off-base! Your relationships could change under your nose, making you feel lonely or just unsettled.

The way you approach love and dating could suddenly seem outmoded. If you have an overly traditional view of romantic affairs, now would be the perfect time to update your outlook -- except that's more easily said than done. The important thing is that you don't use the discomfort of this two-to-three-year period as an excuse to give in to depression. Instead of hiding from all the changes going on around you, it would be best to face them down, and accept them into your life -- the new life you're already leading, but perhaps avoiding admitting it. Another possibility at this time is that parts of your personality that you normally try to keep hidden will come out more and more. Why not just be yourself, instead of trying to convince that special someone that you're different from who you really are? If they can accept you, warts and all, then you'll really know you've found something special.

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