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Pluto square Mercury

Intense interactions

Kelli Fox

The dates you go on during this two-to-three-year transit will have an extra kick of intensity to them, as what would normally be a fun, flirty, friendly conversation gets ratcheted up to something a lot more significant and intense -- and not always in a pleasant way. Expect to have your ideas challenged during this period. You might feel like you have the inside line to the way the universe works, but that doesn't mean your date agrees with you!

If you try too hard to convince them to see things your way, what should have been a fun evening will turn out to be unpleasant. Secretive types will hold a special appeal for you now, because you want to know what lies beneath every surface. When you're getting to know someone new, you should definitely let things flow naturally. If you pry into their private life too much, they'll just clam up, or even grow suspicious of you and your intentions. Also, try to be sure that a secretive, mysterious demeanor isn't the only thing attracting you to that special someone. After all, once you break through that surface and find out what's underneath, what's left? Not much, unless you have more in common than just that.

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