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Pluto square Mars

A little too aggressive

Kelli Fox

You're likely to work too hard during this two-to-three-year transit in an attempt to get ahead, which won't have a great effect on your love life -- you might end up being too exhausted to go out with someone new, or just too busy to make time for making an intimate connection. The aggressive, ambitious energies of this period could also affect your love life directly. You might come on way too strong with someone new, out of a sense of invincibility.

You could start looking at the dating game as more than a game, and being way too competitive when it comes to winning that special someone's heart. Do you really want to make a connection with them, or do you just want to win? If the answer is that your interest lies mostly in the winning, then you shouldn't do it. It would hurt someone's feelings to find out all you cared about was the conquest. Another thing to watch out for is that you don't pick fights with your dates. You're very much in touch with your own ideas and opinions now, to the point that you'll defend them as if they were your very body or soul. Your potential sweetie might not know what they're getting into when they disagree with you!

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