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Pluto square Jupiter

Feeling invincible

Kelli Fox

You'll feel invincible during this period, so you'll go after your ambitions with a ruthlessness uncharacteristic of you. At work, this could work out in your favor, as long as you make sure not to step on anyone's toes or burn any bridges. In your love life, taking an overly aggressive or arrogant approach to dating just doesn't work.

For one thing, you're in touch now with the fact that you want and expect honesty from a lover, and that's a good thing. If you catch that special someone in a little white lie, you're likely to be very self-righteous with them about the fact that you'd never do a thing like that in a million years, and yada, yada, yada -- forgetting the fact that you're human, just like they are, and you very well might do something like exaggerating about yourself to seem more impressive, or any of the other ways people tend to be just a little less than honest with each other when they're first getting to know one another. Make sure that you deal with your dates -- and your coworkers, and everyone else in your life -- with kindness as well as sincerity. Being manipulative or arrogant just won't serve you, either in the short term or the long run.

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