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Pluto square Juno

A challenge to your ideals

Kelli Fox

This two-to-three-year transit could have some dramatic effects on your search for true love, and not all of them positive or pleasant. Your vision of a love that's sustainable could be severely challenged; maybe you've been looking at things the wrong way, placing value and emphasis on the wrong qualities in a lover. If so, the current energy will work away at your ideas like a battering ram on a door, attempting to burst them wide open.

And if you think you've found that special someone who could be The One, expect that relationship to be similarly challenged during this period. Your search for a commitment needs some sort of transformation, and this period in your life will make that happen, with or without your blessing! If you can figure out a way to let go of your ideals in love to make way for new ideals to form, you'll experience this time as less of a challenge; but that's easier said than done. Like everyone else, you're married to your ideals in love. You probably formed them a long time ago, and it feels like cutting out a part of your soul to let them change, or let them go completely. If you can do so, you'll be making way for something newer and better.

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