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Pluto sextile Pluto

Trust in love

Kelli Fox

Whatever else happens during this two-to-three-year transit -- whatever successes or setbacks in love you may experience, or the beginning and ending of romantic relationships -- you'll have an underlying sense of contentment and trust in the universe. You know that you're headed toward that wonderful, trusting, deep love that you've been seeking; it's just a matter of time before it finds you. And all the changes and various fits and starts of relationships that you may go through in the meantime are all part of the same thing: steps toward your goal.

Feeling so calm and confident is a great way to free yourself up for some fun, too, but while you should enjoy yourself, don't let yourself fall into mindless fun. Your mind is too sharp and intuitive now to waste the opportunities that lie before you. For one thing, you can take a close look at yourself now and see what within you needs to be changed. Have your attitudes about love been holding you back from finding it? Then change your attitude. It's that easy for you at this time; you can identify a problem, make a decision on how to fix it, and ta-da -- it's fixed.

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