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Pluto sextile Mercury

Knowledge is power

Kelli Fox

You want to make an intellectual connection with that special someone during this transit. You're not into meaningless chitchat now; you want to dig deep, to really get to know someone at an intimate level, to understand exactly what it is that makes them tick. Your powers of observation are keen, so pay attention.

If you're getting a feeling, one way or another, about that special someone, you're probably right. You're more able than usual to pick up on nonverbal signals that give you a window into a person's soul. Furthermore, you can use this observational gift on yourself, by writing in a journal or talking with someone about your own views of love, romance and relationships. This period offers you the perfect opportunity to take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses in a relationship and make any changes that need to be made in order to live and love more fully. You'll learn more than you thought possible about yourself as a lover, and what you need from a romantic relationship. And knowledge, as they say, is power; the more you know about yourself and your sweetie, the more able you'll be to make something amazing happen.

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