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Pluto sextile Mars

Taking the lead

Kelli Fox

This transit will be a two-to-three-year period of subtle but really positive changes within you that will bring you closer to finding the love of your life. You'll feel a sense of power within yourself; you'll feel the charisma infusing you with confidence, and your admirers will definitely take note! If you get involved with someone special, you can expect a strong physical connection as well as an emotional one.

You'll probably be the one directing the production, as well; that special someone will be happy to follow your lead, because you make such a bold, charismatic leader! You've got a taste for adventure at this time, so you'll be attracted to people with unusual ideas for dates, or who have an aura of fun about them that lets you know they're up for anything, just like you are. If you fall for someone who plays hard to get, that will make you want them even more -- you'll have fun with the pursuit of love, because challenges really get you going now! You won't mind turning on the charm and pulling out all the stops to woo someone, because you've got the energy and the drive to do just that now, and you'll know that the rewards will be big.

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