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Pluto sextile Juno

Redefine your vision of love

Kelli Fox

The love you experience during this two-to-three-year transit will change your life for the better. Even if you go through relationships that end, you'll still be deeply affected by them in an incredible way. You may go out with various people, but when you meet the one you're going to stick with for a while, you'll know.

You'll just feel calm at your very center when you're out with them, holding their hand or discussing the day. You'll also most likely have a very intense sexual connection with this person, one that will really open you up to new experiences. Again, even if this intense relationship doesn't last long-term, it will still change your life, because it will redefine your definition of love. All of a sudden, a world of new possibilities will open up to you -- ways to connect with another human being that you never even thought of before. You'll break through your own barriers concerning sex, intimacy and affection, and you'll feel the strength of love in your very bones! Your attractive powers will also be on high during this transit, shining like a beacon toward this extra-special person who's seeking you and your love.

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