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Pluto opposite Uranus

Rapid fluctuations

Kelli Fox

If you can be flexible during this two-to-three-year transit, and roll with the punches that life serves up, you could have a very interesting time. But if you try to resist the changes this period will bring about in your love life, you'll have a harder time of it. You could get stuck in memories of an old love affair -- either one that lives as an ideal in your mind, or one that ended badly.

Living in the past sure does make it hard to step forward into your future... In your romantic relationships, you'll swing back and forth between feeling restless and lethargic. At one moment you'll feel annoyed with your sweetie for holding you back, and then the next you'll feel as if they're not as interested in you as you want them to be -- and then you'll get pushy about claiming their affectionate attention! You'll find it hard to maintain a balance, and if you're dating someone who just wants a relaxed, easygoing connection, you may have to deal with saying goodbye. In fact, you might be the one who says goodbye first. You won't be much for commitments during this period; often, your first instinct will be to run away from responsibilities like steady relationships.

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