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Pluto opposite Saturn

Forcing a change

Kelli Fox

Don't give in to bitterness or depression during this period, though it may be tempting. One of the most important lessons of this two-to-three-year transit is to stand up to being overwhelmed by the trouble this energy can bring to your love life. You could wonder, Why me?

again and again, when your flirtations hit roadblocks or relationships fizzle out. One breakup or false start after another could leave you feeling really frustrated, and wanting to explode -- but don't. If something doesn't happen naturally, after all, it may not be meant to be. But it will be hard to take that kind of philosophical view of things when someone who seemed really special fades out of your life, or yet another first date ends up in disappointment. It will be difficult for you to listen to others' advice, even the very well-meant and probably intelligent advice of your closest friends. You want to do things your own way, and perhaps that's the problem -- your methods for finding true love aren't working the way you want them to, so a positive outcome of this period could be to force change. One thing is certain: Whatever successes you do find in your relationships, you'll probably have to work hard for them.

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