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Pluto opposite Pluto

Learning new tricks

Kelli Fox

Change is the only thing that's constant in life, and you've been around enough to know that. This two-to-three-year transit marks yet another period in your life when it's time to look back over everything you've done -- everyone you've been involved with; all of your romantic relationships, and all the reasons they've ended or faded away -- and be honest with yourself about how you've gotten where you are now. Are you satisfied with the way things have gone in your love life, or do you see room for improvement?

After all, you might have a lifetime of experience behind you, but you're still up for learning some new tricks when it comes to relationships. Any changes that you go through during this transit, whether they're effected by you or by outside forces, will be in the name of this general need for further growth. If you feel rebellious against these changes, because you think you deserve some stability in your love life, well, just take a moment to appreciate the fact that you're still here, in the game, fighting the good fight -- looking for some loving companionship! Take the lessons that come from this period, as they'll inform the next big phase of your life.

Pluto opposite Pluto in the Transit Chart

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