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Pluto opposite Mercury

Don't be a bully

Kelli Fox

During this transit, you'll find it hard to communicate with that sweetie in the usual, easy way that you'd like. For one thing, your own ideas are coming on too strong, and you could turn off that special someone by dominating the conversation when you're out on a date. You might even treat them sarcastically when they disagree with you, and no one likes that!

For the two-to-three years of this period, to varying degrees, you'll feel and behave as if you've had way too many cups of coffee. You'll work too hard, and your mind will be full of strange ideas, buzzing around and driving you -- and your dates, and your friends and family -- crazy! You'll tend to get into arguments, even with someone sweet you're just barely getting to know. And because your mind isn't functioning in its normal calm, thoughtful capacity, you're vulnerable to others' manipulation. Watch out for someone who seems special but who is really on the lookout for opportunities to take advantage of you. Don't let yourself be bullied, but don't bully anyone else, either. Remember that everyone has their own ideas about life, love and dating, and that's the way it should be.

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