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Pluto opposite Mars

A hard customer

Kelli Fox

If you make it through this two-to-three-year transit with a romantic relationship intact by the end, you can feel pretty certain you've found the real thing -- because the energy at work on your soul at this time will make you a hard customer to handle! You'll feel irritated or even angry without even knowing why; you'll know you're picking a fight but you won't be able to stop yourself. Relationships could begin and end in clashes of drama, because unless you've got the patience and self-control of a saint, you'll pit your ego against that of your potential sweetie, again and again.

You'll even resort to dirty tricks during arguments that you'd normally never employ. Power struggles will be so ubiquitous during this period that you could start to feel like you're getting it from all sides -- but it could all be in your imagination, and you're creating contentious situations by reacting as such. You could feel very impatient with the state of your love life during this period, but don't try too hard to make something happen; you're more likely to force an argument or even a breakup than to force anything positive.

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