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Pluto opposite Juno

Transformation is needed

Kelli Fox

This two-to-three-year transit will be full of intense relationships that will seem, in the moment, as if you're coming close to the real thing -- that true, deep and lasting love you've been searching for. But then something will happen, some change or upset, to show you that, once again, what seemed so true isn't going to last; it's not going to end up being the connection you thought it was. It could change your life anyway.

You could make a strong and intense sexual connection during this time that really pulls you under its sway, especially if it's with someone who uses that kind of charisma to charm or control you. it's easy to mistake a strong physical bond with an emotional one, but they're not one and the same, and you'll be confronted with that fact at some point during this period. Before this transit's energy stops affecting your love life, you'll have to go through some major changes. A relationship may end, but it's even more likely that the whole way you go about looking for true love will change. Something in the way you've been going about it isn't working, and this period will bring that prominently forward, forcing you to deal with it.

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