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Pluto conjunct Venus

Powerfully attracted

Kelli Fox

Don't expect your relationships to be simple flirtations during this period, because you're not interested in anything less than a deep, intense, full-blown romantic and sexual interaction. You'll be drawn to people who are compelling to you; you might fall in love or even become obsessed with a lover during this two-to-three-year transit. Obsession, in fact, is something to watch out for during this time, because you're much more likely than usual to fall into love affairs that involve passion that's actually too intense.

You'll associate power with love and sex, and you'll try to dominate that special someone -- and that can't last for long. You're looking for a love that will change your life, and that could happen; but it's also true that you're operating from some deep impulses that are difficult to understand. Your close friends might not be able to understand why you'll go for certain people -- and you might not be able to explain it to them! You're operating on gut instinct now, which can really mean old relationship patterns from your past. Instead of regressing to a past love, make sure that you move forward in your love life. You have the power now to do it.

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