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Pluto conjunct Sun

Feeling your inner power

Kelli Fox

This two-to-three-year transit will be a big one for you in terms of getting where you want to go romantically. Your energy is as high as it's ever been, and suddenly, you feel your inner power as an attractive, loving and lovable person. You know what you want out of a relationship and, even better, you know how to get it.

This is probably going to mean that you'll make some significant changes, both in your life and in how you've been going about doing things romantically. Something hasn't been working for you, and it's time to cut the dead weight. Is it an old, tired way of looking down on yourself and being pessimistic about your love life? Now's the time to work on your self-image and improve the way you treat yourself. Is it old, lingering feelings about a long-ago love that no longer has anything to do with who you are now? Then let it go, to clear the path for new love to enter your life. If part of what's been holding you back in relationships is a negative physical self-image, now is the perfect time to start eating well, exercising and feeling really healthy. You're in touch with your own power as a human being, and others will want to get in touch with it too!

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