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Pluto conjunct Neptune

Lost in memories

Kelli Fox

Any confusion you go through during this period is for a good cause, so keep telling yourself that when the going gets rough, which it very well might! You'll feel misunderstood by lots of different people, because you're confused during this transit. Whatever it is that you're trying to say won't come out right, which will make it difficult to connect with that special someone in a satisfying way.

Instead of going out with someone new, you might choose to avoid the trouble of dating and trying to get to know a new person by just retreating into a fantasy world, populated by old flames, fantasy lovers and more. That's fine, if you feel like you need a respite from the real world; but sooner or later you'll begin to notice that there's not a whole lot of return from a fantasy lover, or an old, faded memory of a past relationship. Only real people can deliver the emotional connection you seek. That might mean that you'll have to reach out to others despite the fact that it will be very difficult to make a bond you can feel good about. Just remember that even if you feel strangely confused and disconnected, hang in there; it's likely to be all in your head.

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