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Pluto conjunct Mercury

A beautiful mind

Kelli Fox

You know how to read other people during this two-to-three-year transit. You're in touch with a deep, inner understanding of all the overt and subtle forms of human communication, so when you go out with someone new, you'll be able to hear not only what they're telling you, but also what they're not saying. You'll be able to read their body language and get a much clearer picture, and faster, of whether this relationship is really something that's going to work out long-term.

You'll express yourself even better than usual, too. That special someone will be captivated by your conversation and will want to know more about this compelling new person in their life. One word of caution is in order: You're learning all kinds of new things and wanting to discuss them, but just remember that your potential sweetie won't necessarily see things the same way you do. You can avoid uncomfortable arguments if you just remember to let them have their own opinion, and don't try to force yours on them. Beyond that, your mind is sharp now, and you're attracted to people who have something to offer you on a mental plane. Intellectual types should definitely apply!

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