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Pluto conjunct Mars

Energy on high

Kelli Fox

Your admirers will be attracted to you during this two-to-three-year transit for your incredible energy and personal power, which will just shine through like a beacon of light. You'll command the room at every party -- or, at least, you'll know that you could if you wanted to! You're very much in touch with your inner strength now, and so a word of warning is in order.

This period signifies the combined forces of two deeply powerful energies, which means that you can veer over to the side of not just powerful and compelling but actually aggressive, often without even realizing it. Timid types need not apply; you'd run them over like a steamroller! Your best relationships during this time will be with people who can handle your high energy and your tendency to argue. Someone who can serve it back up to you will be able to put you in your place...but they might inspire you to really get tough. Try to keep your energy within limits. Expend it by going out on the town -- and pick a running buddy who can keep up with you! Watch your mouth, and your tact. Ticking people off needlessly is all too easy now, and doing so could kill a good thing before it even gets off the ground.

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