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Pluto conjunct Jupiter

A wider understanding of love

Kelli Fox

Your optimism will run very high during this period, making you feel as if you can really make things happen now in your love life. Everything you've ever wanted out of love, you'll now feel is at your fingertips. But will your dreams actually come true?

That depends on a lot of different factors. If your aim is too self-serving, it's not likely that you'll be able to make it happen. This period challenges you to set goals that aren't completely selfish. if you're just after your own pleasure in love, you might find it short-term, but it won't last. A much better way to do it now would be to keep your eye on that distant prize -- a love that will transform your life for the better, and that will actually deepen your understanding of what life is all about. Because it's not just about physical pleasures or attraction or flirting! You should seek to know another's soul as you want yours to be known; to bring them the pleasures you want to experience in love. Look to love as a metaphor for human experience. The deeper you go, the more intimate you become, the closer you'll come to touching something real and true about yourself, and about life.

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