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Pluto conjunct Juno

A transformed life

Kelli Fox

You'll meet someone during this two-to-three-year transit who will change your life. Whether or not you remain involved with them on a long-term basis remains to be seen -- but the chances are good that that will happen, because you'll forge such a strong connection with each other, one that neither of you will want to give up. It might take you by surprise, or it might hit you over the head as soon as you meet them, but the deeper you go with this person, the more your whole life will be transformed for the better.

For starters, your sexual connection could be so powerful that you'll be amazed and overwhelmed every time you touch this person; you won't be able to believe that you could have it this good, because it's never been like this before! That kind of powerful bond isn't enough in itself to base a relationship on, but in this case, it will just be one point of intense connection among many. Your sexual bond will heal old wounds within you, helping you to become the whole person that you already were. You'll become much more in touch with your deep, inner power -- your potential as a human being -- through your association with this person.

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