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Neptune trine Venus

Time to connect

Kelli Fox

You're seeking a love that will transcend mundane interactions and the basic flaws of everyday living, and this two-year transit offers you the chance to find it. You could fall head over heels for someone during this period, because your heart is wide open to all the wonderful possibilities in relationships. Even if you don't fall headfirst into love, you'll still experience thrills of the heart that are almost spiritual in nature.

Your potential sweetie will see you as the sensitive, compassionate and gorgeous person that you are, inside and out. In fact, this transit will heighten your sense of your own beauty, in a good way. You'll want to decorate yourself for a lover, to bring out your best physical qualities as a way of reflecting what's going on inside your heart. You'll lavish a sweetie with love and affection and really make them feel special. Your best dates will be communing with the beauty of the world, so go camping with that special someone, or visit an art museum, or do something else that will allow you to connect with your honey while appreciating all the loveliness and creativity that the universe has to offer.

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